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The Preschool operates under the direction of St. Peter’s Lutheran Board of Preschool Education. We are excited about the plans in place for the coming school year. We feel we have been blessed with the finest director and staff and know that your child will learn and grow, not only in basic life skills, but also in love and trust in Christ our Savior.

If at any time you feel the need to share any concerns or have any comments or questions, we encourage you to contact a Board member. We are always open to hearing from our Preschool parents.

Our sincere goal is to support and assist you as parents and the Preschool staff in providing a safe, nurturing and growing environment for your child. God bless each of you as you endeavor to raise your child in a God-pleasing manner.

Refer to our School Directory for the names and telephone numbers of our Preschool Board.

The Preschool Board



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